How it all began

Often times people ask how my husband and I met, so I would like to tell the story of how it all happened. I got a job at his families’ restaurant before I started college. We probably didn’t speak at all for the first year that I worked there. He’s pretty quiet. One day In February of 09′ he called me. I must have had his number because it came up with his name. I was so excited. I screamed to my grandmother in the other room ” grandma, David Vickery is calling me!” She told me to answer it. I just couldn’t. I stared at my phone like I was mentally challenged. It came up that I had a voicemail. OMG I can’t listen to this. I was freaking out. I eventually did listen to it and he wanted to go see a movie.

I did eventually call him back and set it up, he came to pick me up. He picked the flick and we went to see “The last house on the left.” During the date he barely talked at all except to tell me that he has a gun and he would purchase my movie ticket. Lol! So during the movie he kept his coat on the whole time, kept his hands in his pocket and made no attempt to put his arm around me or make any move what so ever. What is this guy’s angle? I thought to myself. After arriving back at my place he stuck around outside my door and we just chatted for probably 2 hours. I could tell that he wanted to kiss me but couldn’t work up the nerve. But he eventually did, probably because I made no attempt to go into the house. 🙂

So we started texting a lot and “talking” but not specifically in a relationship. I asked him to go to Texas with me to watch my sister graduate AFBT and he said no, he couldn’t get the time off work. And then let me know that he didn’t want to be in a relationship. I was crushed! So being the crazy nut that I am, I took another dude. We didn’t talk for a while and I was seeing this other guy (jackass really) and then David started texting me again out of the blue. Jackass demanded that I tell him I have a boyfriend. And I refused. I just ignored him instead. Finally I got out of that craziness and a new girl started working with us.

She convinced me to ask David out (not knowing our history) and I said what the hell. We will see how it goes. So I cornered him at work and his cheeks got all rosy. And I asked him if he wanted to do something. He said yes, and I told him to call me or text me and we will sometime. I asked him if he still had my number and he replied, ” I never had your number!” To which we still joke about. He was at a lost for words and I had imbarrassed him. Yes! I’d never felt this way about anyone so it was pretty great.

Anyway, the rest is pretty much history! Now we have a beautiful baby boy and are getting ready to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. I got really lucky finding such a sweet, amazing man to call my husband!!



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