V~Day ❤️

Two posts in one day, I’ve been debating about writing about this one but from the things I’ve seen lately I feel like I should.

I’ve been seeing ads and commercials for women’s expectations of Valentine’s Day and I feel like it’s a little ridiculous. Like this is what your house should look like, flowers everywhere, he went to Jared and pink boxes everywhere. I’ve never been a big fan of Valentine’s Day because I really think you should show someone that you love them all the time and not just one day out of the year. I also get that it’s an extra special day to show someone that you care, but you should show your person all the time.

I feel like Valentine’s Day should be used for marriage proposals or special announcements like you’re pregnant or trying to have a baby. When did it become a day to spend all of your money on materialistic things that you will probably forget about next year?

My husband has never been a gift giver nor a hint taker. I could circle a huge picture in an ad with a red marker and stick it to his wallet and he would say, “oh you wanted that?” L O L But I’m okay with that. Why is Valentine’s Day geared for women anyway? When’s the last time you got something for your man? We get each other gifts all the time and don’t really need a holiday to do it. I used to get my hopes up and hope that he had a suprise for me or a nice necklace or something, “oh it’s valentines day? Said the look in his eyes when I would hand him his gift lol. So I know better now, but as long as he treats me with kindness and respect I really don’t care. Also, when you share money it’s almost like you bought it for yourself. Lol

Once you get into your twenties (hard to believe I’ve been here for 4 years 😣) you really start to figure yourself out and find out what you like and don’t like. And I’ve found that I really don’t like jewelry all that much. I hate having things on my wrists and forget that I even own necklaces most of the time. I have six ear piercings and forgot until just recently. Also, I hate getting flowers because they just die and I feel like it’s a waste of money. Dave’s only gotten me flowers once and I’m pretty sure it’s because I made him feel guilty about never have doing it. Haha

So think about your relationship and don’t expect anything from him and if you do get something make sure you wear it or embrace it and show him that you love it even if you don’t. And guys, if you don’t want to get anything, don’t. If you don’t though and she doesn’t complain, she’s a keeper!!

But make sure that you keep your relationship fresh regardless. David and I could be in the middle of arguing and we just bust out laughing or play wrestle and we’re over it.

Maybe do something with a nice gesture, buy me a beer. Haha JK. A homemade favor book? Or a homemade dirty card? Those are funny. Whatever you do, make it count. It’s about feeling good emotionally, not what he got you or what you got him. Let’s not forget what it’s really all about.



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