Love for a Child

Lastnight was hilariously crazy. Let me first tell you that Dolan is perfectly fine before you read.

Woke up from a deep sleep lastnight ( I still remember my dream) to Dolan choking. Without hesitation I jumped out of bed with David right behind me. I ran out to the hall way and collapsed. I got right back up and ran to his crib and there he was just fine, smiling with his hand in his mouth happy as ever to see us.

My feet weren’t working and realized it once I got to the hall. It was incredibly funny afterwards. After I saw that Dolan was okay, I had to sit down because I could see darkness closing in around me. I was going to black out. The balls of my feet still hurt.

The choking was so loud on the monitor. It was scary. I think maybe he gagged himself with his finger. He has been shoving his hands all the way in his mouth lately.

It’s just amazing how your parenting instincts kick in at any given moment, no matter what you’re doing. I love Dolan so much and finally understand how much a parent loves their children.



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