Sitting here with my boys, not much has been happening lately. We love our family time. We know that no matter what happens we will always have each other.

A month from today we will be married for three years and together for five. It’s so SO hard to believe. We’ve been through a lot together, lived in several cities, several houses and have finally figured out where we belong. We finally feel at home and content with everything in our lives.

In the past, partying was what made us so happy. And when I say partying, I mean hanging out with a few cool people at someone’s house playing cards or sitting around a bonfire. Yes that is still very fun but now our fun is spending time together as a family. We love our little boy so much, there’s no words to explain it.

He’s teething now so even moments that Dave and I get alone are not taken lightly. It’s a daily even weekly thing to ensure you get alone time with your spouse. It’s crucial.

Walking Dead is on! Sorry this one is a short one.




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