I’ve had a pretty productive weekend thus far. Everyone’s laundry is clean, getting the house ready for some out of town guests next weekend and went on an hour long power walk yesterday with Dolan in jogging stroller.

I think I am beginning to feel the muscles in my shins freaking out like “what the hell is this exercise you’re making us do!?” But it was a good work out. The kind where you feel great after. I can’t wait to be out walking everyday. Soon I hope! While I was out walking I heard a man shout something that I didn’t understand at all, and then I heard a little girl shout “hey big booty Judy” and I couldn’t help but laugh. Thank you whomever you are. I enjoy my big booty as does my husband. Haha.

Grocery shopping is done for next week, I got up early this morning to go. There’s nothing worse than going to the store hungry when there’s 11,000 other people there. I hope this doesn’t make me a middle aged woman…

I’ve been watching the show extreme couponing and it’s been making me want to do it. Obviously I don’t want or need a crazy “stock pile” like they have. They rack up a $400 or even $800 grocery bill and get it down to forty dollars and one the other day had the store paying her back .31c of a $800 grocery bill. I would be too embarrassed to do something like that. Maybe I would if I had a huge family, but even then I doubt it. I have been looking for coupons though. I’ve saved quite a bit of money recently by finding coupons online and in ads. Since I’m not working it gives me a sense of being.

I got my 800 photos off of my iPhone and onto the cloud as well as my computer and also backed up on discs. Lol My brother says I’m paranoid but I couldn’t imagine losing the pictures of Dolan’s precious moments of his life thus far. My next step is to get them into photo albums to show his girlfriends when he’s older. I’ve been a busy mommy.

We’ve been trying new things for dinner at a success. Asian cusine, chicken fajitas, smoked sausage and jambalaya rice. So good!

I don’t think the weather will be nice enough to take Dolan out again until Monday. I hope I can wait that long!




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