Baby Food

Do you know what your child is eating?

If you follow me on other social media sites you know that my latest craze is pureeing my own baby food.

Today we tried real bananas after Dolan has been eating Gerber’s puréed version while we puréed only veggies. I got 5 bananas for 1.44 and one banana makes about 3 servings. That makes each serving only about .10 cents!! Obviously the healthier option as well. I was looking at the back of Gerber’s puréed mix and there’s so many additives including lots of added sodium (sugar). I feel so much better about him eating fresh fruits and veggies!

The other day I got peas for .78 cents and it made 5 servings! That makes the servings .15 cents a piece compared to 1.00 or 1.40.

I wanted to share and spread for those who don’t know how much better it is for your little cutie to go the fresh route. It’s so easy too! I use a Magic Bullet that we recieved as a wedding gift years ago. Your biggest investment would be to buy some sort of mixer or blender. It is well worth it.

The other thing I hate about processed baby food is that it doesn’t even taste like the real thing. Have you tasted what your baby is eating? I have! And it’s all super sweet from all the added sugar.

It’s very easy to purée your own baby food, Dolan’s doctor has given us the o.k to use water instead of breastmilk for the pureeing. Most recipes call for added breastmilk no matter what you purée, but we just use water.

If you don’t purée your own, I am in no way calling you a bad mom. You have to do what’s best for you and your child and you’re the only one that can make that call. But, Gerber’s organic purée mix is a lot better than the standard. I think I saw that it’s only 5mg of sodium compared to like 140mg in the regular mix.

My next step is going organic with the fresh veggies and fruits. Our local store doesn’t carry a lot of that so I will need to go stock up elsewhere. But so far so good with pureeing! Dolan is happy with it (he would eat anything though) but most of all, I am very happy knowing what my child is eating. I always want the best for him.

P.s. There are tons of recipes on Pinterest!




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