Heavy Heart

Tonight my heart is so heavy.. I can’t sleep. My sister who is 35 weeks pregnant got some life changing news today.

She had a regular ultrasound scheduled for last week and her happy day turned into a worried one. They said that the baby’s brain was darker than what they’d like to see. They thought it might be a cyst, or worse a tumor.

After speaking with the specialist, she decided that she didn’t think it was a cyst. They referred her to a children’s hospital to see a neurologist. She had to wait a long agonizing weekend until her appointment today.

When she told me all of this I felt so terrible. I felt as though I shouldn’t be happy because she’s not happy. I couldn’t help but cry. Why is this happening to my sister? I know that God has a plan for everyone but why this plan for her?

I have been praying all day for good news. I know that my sister is the strongest person that I know and maybe that’s why God gave her this beautiful baby to love and parent.

My sister found out today that her baby has Dandy Walker Syndrome. I try to put myself in her shoes and finding something like this out, and I go weak in the knees. She naturally, didn’t want to talk to anyone. I was at a loss for words. I told her everything will be okay and that I loved her.

I had no idea what this syndrome was until I googled it. I’ve read some terrifying stories and I’ve read some amazingly uplifting stories. I am praying so hard for a miracle and I would like to ask everyone to do the same. Even if you haven’t prayed in years, please do this for my sister. Let’s pray for a happy healthy baby and that’s all that matters!

I know that God chose her because she is so strong, and she can handle anything. God knew that if he gave her this baby, she would love and adore him unconditionally no matter what. Let’s pray for baby Joe and my sister Corri. Their lives are in God’s hands, he will guide her and show her the way.

I will post more as soon as I know anything.