Planning the First Birthday

First Birthdays are kind of a big deal. I mean how many times does your kid turn 1?

I have been planning slash thinking about Dolan’s first birthday since he was probably two months old. You could say that I’m a planning freak, yes. And then there’s Pinterest, it feeds my obsession to plan everything early and drives my husband crazy to listen to my ideas so soon.

I’m going to attempt to give advice or a guideline for planning the big day even though I haven’t done it yet, but I have planned many parties and would secretly love to be an event planner.

The very first thing you should decide is the theme. Not only should you figure this out first, you should stick to it. Once you find the one you like, don’t look at any other themes. But remember, they will only turn 1 once! Also, if you’re on a budget keep it in mind that the more specific you are, ie Mickey Mouse, the decor will be more expensive because it’s Disney.

The next thing you should do is pick the venue. With this, you should keep the season in mind, if you’re on a budget, a park is a fun and free place to have a kids party, weather permitting. If you have it at your home it will be more work for you getting the house ready but obviously more comfortable for your LO. Along with picking the venue, you need to make a guest list to see how many people will your venue need to accommodate. (I’ve already done this even though DV turns 1 in the fall) (FREAK)

For me, I’m not inviting my college buds, nor previous co workers. I just want it to be close family & friends. And Dolan’s “friends” of course . (Haha) But as a parent I want to remember that I get to pick party themes right now until Dolan is old enough, so I will pick the cutesy ones that I want that I won’t be able to have when he goes all “big boy” on me.

Invitations are the next thing you should pick out, they should go with your theme or at least with the colors of the theme. You should mail these out no sooner than 4 weeks before the party and no later two weeks before the party. You never know what people have going on in their lives, and if you want them to come you should give them enough notice. Obviously family members know about when the party will be.

Along with the invitations you should decide a day and time to have the party. Weekends are ideal if you want everyone to be able to come, if that’s not possible pick an evening during the week that might work. Dolan’s grandparents own a business so I would want his party to be on a day they will be closed. The time will depend on whether or not you want to serve a meal. If you have it at noon or six, people may expect to be fed. If you have it from 2-5 or so, you could definitely just serve finger foods or snacks. But HEY who says you have to have any food anyway?

I don’t think it’s ever too early to plan anything, just write things down or pin them on Pinterest so you don’t forget!!

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Also, a friend brought up to me that she wasn’t sure what time to have the party so it wouldn’t be in the middle of nap time. This may help: