Nothing is more frustrating as a child to hear the word “no” all the time. For a lot of parents it’s hard to tell their child “no”. However, saying “no” to your child can be one of the most important things that they can learn from you. Saying “no” to your child teaches them limits. It helps them become well rounded when they get older, and know that they can’t always get what they want in life. It also teaches them that it’s okay to tell people “no” when they get older, when they don’t want to do something with friends, and it helps them stand their ground with what they believe in.

Sometimes as parents we can feel like a broken record saying “no” all the time.

Ask yourself these questions before telling your child “no”

Is it hurting them?
Is it hurting you?
Is it hurting what they’re doing?
Is what they’re doing wrong?

If these answers are “no” then maybe we don’t need to tell them “no” with certain things. A lot of parents want to say “no” all of the time simply because it shows they’re in charge.

Children find happiness in the smallest things and if you’re telling them “no” just because what they’re doing annoys you, maybe you should find a different way to cope with the situation.

Dolan recently has been crying if you don’t let him do or have what he wants. He wants the TV remote, it is hurting the remote by him drooling and biting on the buttons. So we never let him have it unless he just wants to hold it. Which is NEVER the case!

But, at this point, saying “no” isn’t yet a detrimental thing. But we have been trying to incorporate it some. But we really don’t see a need to be one of those parents who say no for no reason just because we feel like it.

It’s tough being a parent. It’s like trying to be a good person. You wake up everyday and try do make good choices, do the right things, and set good example for our kids!

Xoxo AV


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