Hot Car Deaths

I am ranting and raving as I type right now because I am SO tired of hearing about children being left in a hot car and end up dying. As a parent this makes me feel sick to my stomach!

How could you forget your child? I mean do you forget to smoke a ciggarette? Do you forget to eat? Do you forget to sleep when you’re tired? NO. YOU. DONT!! So how can these stupid fucks forget their child?

I just don’t get it. My heart breaks for these children. I get emotional when Dolan cries loudly for no reason. I don’t like to see him upset. I can’t imagine something bad happening to him.

I read an article recently before all of these car deaths hit the news in the past couple months. The article was in Parents’ Magazine. It was about a woman who actually did leave her daughter in the car and she died. It was a very sad article. And for a moment I thought, okay it actually happens I guess. But I really think you should always be alert and on point when your kids are in the car.

She mentioned that when you do the same things everyday, your body does them on autopilot. It is when there is a change in routine is when accidents happen. Like if your husband usually takes the kids to the sitter or if the sitter usually picks them up.

There were a few things that she shared to help remember your child (if your brain is fried). Put your purse or phone in the backseat so you have to get it. Put your child’s toy in the front seat. Have the sitter call you if you haven’t let them know you were canceling for the day. Have the sitter call you if you’re more than 10 minutes late.

A few I thought of; put children’s music on the radio, crack the child’s window so you have to look back there to see if it’s closed. Have a system where you text your husband every single day or he texts you when the kids are safely dropped off. And if not, obviously call them!

Everyone has to take a test to be able to drive a car but anyone can have a child. Children can’t look out for themselves, we as their parents are supposed to that! So stop being so selfish and think about them and their safety!