Some people think that stay at home moms don’t do anything and have plenty of time to do whatever they want. This can’t be further from the truth. I mean, I can’t even pee when I get up in the morning before my kid gets a bottle.

To the childless people that shower and shave in peace, I envy you. I can shower quickly while my child cries for my attention and tears up the house, but for shaving I have to schedule this with my husband. I refuse to listen to cries while I’m shaving, I need to focus! 😂

Most of you that know me know that my husband works third shift. So for me, this makes my job SO much harder. But, I can’t complain too much because I get to spend everyday with my little booger!! But Dolan wakes up at 6:45 most days and doesn’t go to sleep until 10pm most nights. David goes to sleep at 9 in the morning and wakes up around 7pm. So essentially I have him all day by myself and then all night, he’s been waking up several times in the night due to teething.

So literally my job never ends! I don’t get breaks. I don’t get to shower freely, I don’t get to use the restroom freely etc. And trying to get housework done is just a joke. I was vacuuming yesterday and he literally kept tugging on the cord from the outlet, followed me around, tangled himself in the cord, got in the way of the vacuum. So really, a 15 minute vaccuum job turned into 35 minutes!!! There’s no chance I could mop the floors without someone watching him.

Doing laundry is a joke as well. He unfolds everything as quickly as I fold it. Trying to load and unload the dishwasher with a little helper is hilarious! He wants to take the dishes out and play in the spot where the detergent goes. And one day I was wrinsing dishes, turned around and he was STANDING on the dishwasher lid hanging onto the top rack.

About the only way I can get anything done is to give him a snack and use the two minutes that that preoccupies him, to get something done. Which is nearly impossible.

Please don’t take my words as complaints, like I said I am so fortunate to enjoy every day with Dolan, I just really want people to understand that staying home doesn’t mean laying on your ass watching tv everyday. And I’m to blame too because, before I had a kid, I caught myself saying that so and so should have plenty of time because they stay home. And I feel terribly now, I completely understand now.

When I do watch tv, it is recorded and it would take me 2 hours to get through a 30 minute program. If you have kids, you know exactly what I’m talking about, if you don’t, you will soon see! There is a way to watch your program and here’s how you do it, give your child lots of snacks, turn the volume on 150, keep one finger on the rewind button and one finger on the pause button because you will have to pause and rewind every 60 seconds.
You will miss every good part and really it’s quite pointless, so I keep the tv on baby shows while we’re home.

I’ve been on my husbands ass to put on the child cabinet locks for 2 weeks. He finally put them on after he was home that weekend and I let Dolan tear everything out of the cabinets (like he always does) but this time I didn’t stop him. All weekend, I let him and let David pick the stuff up and put it back. So he got to see first hand what my everyday was like and he didn’t like it! So he put those damn things on and that made my life easier!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌

So in between all that, Fighting Dolan to take naps, usually takes 30 minutes to get him to sleep three times daily. And when I finally get him to sleep, I’m exhausted and I don’t feel like doing anything! But I still do because that’s what a good wife and momma does. I get done what I need to get done and as soon as I sit down for a break, the kid wakes up on cue. He could be just fine running about the house and the minute I sit down, he wants and or needs something.

So take this all into consideration when you ask a stay at home mom what she did all day, or mention that she should have plenty of time to get something done. Because if you don’t understand, you will some day.


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