Making Something Out of Nothing

I’ve been watching the Extreme Cheapskates show and have been getting inspired to be more of a cheapass… πŸ˜‚ They do crazy things like pee in jars to save $10 a month for not flushing as much, they put a brick in the back of toilet to save on water ( I don’t know if these actually work) This one woman who didn’t want to pay for a gym membership goes to different sporting good stores to “test” cycling bikes 3xs a week, and the same woman puts heavy objects in the bottom of her inground pool to keep the water from emptying so fast. There are a lot more things that they do but these are just to name a few, and while most of them are batshit crazy, it had us reevaluating our spending.
We’ve been doing little things to minimize our monthly debt; keeping the heat lower when we aren’t home, lights off in the daytime, (trying) not to buy alcohol and if we do it’s cheap beer, the “normal” things that people do to save a buck.
But lately we’ve been trying to spend as little as possible on groceries which is good for our wallets, but not necessarily for our health. The price of food is at an all time high (it makes no sense because fuel prices have gone down so much but, that’s another story) and healthy food is even more expensive. And it’s too expensive to let it go to waste but we hate eating leftovers!
On another hand we are getting so tired of eating the same things over and over and haven’t had time to look up new easy things. When we went grocery shopping for the week we didn’t really have a list and were in a hurry (hate that, so not me) but we just grabbed essentuals and stuff to make spaghetti and a couple pizzas (ugh, even tired of looking at the words of those meals) With it feeling like -18 outside today both of us decided we weren’t leaving the house, especially with Dolan. So, I got the bright idea to see what we had laying around the house to make. All we had were odds and ends things and there was no way we could make a meal out of any of it.
But, thanks to Pinterest, I got some ideas! I’ve really been wanting egg drop soup and I looked up the recipe and it requires chicken broth. *Sigh* I did not want to go to the store! So I looked for alternatives for the chicken broth and read one thing; vegetable stock, but couldn’t find a recipe… I had fresh carrots and fresh corn on the cob, so I decided to do trial and error thing and figured I wouldn’t be out much if it didn’t work.
I started by cooking the carrots and corn, sliced the corn off of the cob and used my magic bullet to purΓ©e them. It looked discusting!!! I added water and started boiling it. Aside from being carrot(y) tasting it wasn’t bad! Ha! So I added more water and continued to look for a recipe. I actually found one, and it was considered vegetarian egg drop soup since I didn’t use chicken broth. I didn’t stick to it fully but it helped a lot as far as seasonings go and how many eggs to use.
Now, I know my husband, and I figured that this wouldn’t fill him up. I had half a box of whole wheat fettucine noodles and had set aside some fresh shredded carrots and corn for it. I also had a little teriyaki sauce and orange ginger sauce left over and I combined them and doused the cooked noodles in it with the corn and carrots and it’s actually really good!!
While I was looking up these Asian cuisines I came across a cookie from chow mein noodles. What!? David loves chow mein noodles ( and has a natural sweet tooth) and we happen to have some!! It called for melted butterscotch morsels but I had carmel icing left over, I melted it down and added marshmallows!! I seriously can’t wait for him to wake up and try everything!
In the mean time I’ve already found new meal ideas on Pinterest to try!! Have you ever made a meal from nothing? I want to hear about it!!



Addiction Follow Up (read after addiction)

So I deactivated my Facebook for five whole days. Reading that aloud makes me laugh out loud, literally.
It’s not really a laughing matter though, it’s a serious thing. I was spending way too much time on there!! I’ve accomplished so much around the house just being away from it. I promised to tell you guys my struggles, the worst part was not really talking to my friends. We mostly talk through the messenger. But remember texting? Lol I like that better anyway. But mostly I didn’t miss anything on Facebook and it didn’t miss me. It was just such a habitual thing that took up so much of my time for no reason at all…
I’m still struggling with getting on it, I really hate addicted I am to it. 3 minutes turn into 5 and 5 turns into an hour! Do you know how many tasks you can complete in an hour? πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
So what I did was keep my Facebook and messenger app deleted from my phone and if I want to get on it I get I the mobile site. I hate the mobile site. It’s not as accessible and most of all I can’t stalk people and see when they were last on… It’s such a hassle to get on the mobile site that I just don’t do it. And days like today I told myself I wasn’t going to get on it at all, and I haven’t! Yesterday I got on three times and that was enough and too much for me. I get so tired of seeing the same posts from the same people and the same people commenting on things… So I am going to keep doing what I’m doing and if you’re important you know my phone number….. πŸ˜β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‚

And I’ve been enjoying talking to my friends on my other social media accounts πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€



I just put my children to bed…. Well my one child, my husband child falls asleep every night when we put Dolan to bed. Every.single.night… How does one get as tired as a baby? No we didn’t go out for New Years Eve if that’s what you’re thinking…. I think I’m getting old, I really had no desire to go out, get shitfaced and be miserable for the next day or two. I mean I wanted to go out, but just thinking of the repercussions made me feel like I had a hangover already.

But this post isn’t about getting old or getting drunk. Most of you who know me know that I don’t like too much of anything. I don’t like the thought of being addicted to anything nor anything having control over my body nor my life. I have always been told that too much of anything will kill you.

I’ve realized recently that I’ve been on Facebook nonstop for a while now. Anytime I get a split second, I get on there for no reason what so ever. I scroll through feed that I’ve already looked at three times that day. It’s sad really, I feel like I’m missing out on precious moments with my family just to see what people I haven’t seen in 10 years are posting…

I’ve tried logging out of Facebook, and seeing how long I can stay logged out, I’ve tried deleting the app and now finally I have deactivated it at 7 am this morning. I gave no warning to my friends or family and it’s 10pm and not a single person has noticed that I left. That doesn’t really bother me, but it makes me feel worse about my constant use of the mindless app. I love staying in touch and in contact with people I know but I don’t want to be on it constantly. I don’t want to put an app before my family. It’s ridiculous.

I’m not going to see how long I can stay deactivated nor am I seeking attention of any kind, and I will be coming back when I feel that I’m ready. I want to be able to decide when I really want to get on and how long I will stay on. I’ve wasted so much time on Facebook it’s unreal. Already today I’ve rearranged my linen closet, spent time with family and reorganized my pantry and cabinets. I’m certain that I wouldn’t have done it had I not deactivated.

So I want to ask my friends, is there anything that has control over you? Are you wasting time on ridiculous things? Are there productive things you could be doing if you weren’t constantly doing this thing that you’re doing? I’m not doing a new year new me thing, I’m doing a reevaluate how I spend my time thing…

I will keep you guys updated on my journey, in the meantime, is there something you need to give up?